My approach to teaching is informed by the belief that a concern for, and engagement with, politics is part of being responsible citizens. To that end, I design my classes to encourage students to critically evaluate their own and others’ reasoning and to communicate their ideas persuasively. I have also been active in advising undergraduate and graduate students. My contributions to teaching and learning at Syracuse University earned me the Meredith Teaching Recognition Award for Early Performance and the Dr. Ralph E. Montonna Endowed Professorship for the Teaching and Education of Undergraduates.



  • Doctoral Dissertation Chair
  • Doctoral Dissertation Committee
  • Senior Thesis Advisor
    • Lara Hicks (2020)
      • Award: University Scholar
    • Caitlin Harrison (2019)
      • Awards: University Scholar, Honors Program Honorable Mention for Best Social Science Capstone, Maxwell Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship Outstanding Student Research Paper
    • Mallika Palecanda (2015)
      • Award: Dean’s Award for Undergraduate Research
  • Other Advising & Mentoring
    • McNair Faculty Mentor: Anita Benn (2018)
    • Political Science Distinction Reader: Carolee Lantigua (2017), David Kimelman (2016)
    • Qualifying Exam Committee: Sarah Almutairi (2015)
    • Merill Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program (2013-2014)