My approach to teaching is informed by the belief that a concern for, and engagement with, politics is part of being responsible citizens. To that end, I design my classes to encourage students to critically evaluate their own and others’ reasoning and to communicate their ideas persuasively. I have also been active in advising undergraduate and graduate students. In 2021, my contributions to teaching and learning at Syracuse University earned me a Meredith Teaching Recognition Award for Early Performance.



  • Doctoral Dissertation Chair
  • Doctoral Dissertation Committee
  • Senior Thesis Advisor
    • Lara Hicks (2020)
      • Award: University Scholar
    • Caitlin Harrison (2019)
      • Awards: University Scholar, Honors Program Honorable Mention for Best Social Science Capstone, Maxwell Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship Outstanding Student Research Paper
    • Mallika Palecanda (2015)
      • Award: Dean’s Award for Undergraduate Research
  • Other Advising & Mentoring
    • McNair Faculty Mentor: Anita Benn (2018)
    • Political Science Distinction Reader: Carolee Lantigua (2017), David Kimelman (2016)
    • Qualifying Exam Committee: Sarah Almutairi (2015)
    • Merill Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program (2013-2014)